WAREHAM - With 130 years in business as a cranberry equipment manufacturer, the Hayden Manufacturing Co. took on the business of antiques as well about 12 years ago, with the Hayden Separator Antique Shop.

“We love this shop, we love working with cranberry growers and the folks that come into our shop for antiques as well,” said owner David St. Jacques. “Our family has been working with the cranberry industry forever and cranberry growers, like farmers, have an incredible work ethic that makes the backbone of this country, and the folks that like shopping for antiques share something else from our lives, we love antiques, too.”

This is a shop that still sells all kinds of cranberry equipment such as separators, which were used (and still are, internationally and by smaller growers) to separate good from bad cranberries.

“It revolutionized the cranberry industry,” said Raymond St. Jacques, “by saving many hours of sorting the cranberries by hand, thus producing larger profits for cranberry growers.”

In 1927, Emile St. Jacques, the grandfather of David and Raymond St. Jacques, bought the Hayden Separator Co. from Linthrop Hayden of Carver. The Hayden Separator was used to separate the good from bad cranberries to prepare them for packaging before going to market. It could sort through 10,000 pounds of cranberries per day.

Times have changed and so have techniques for agriculture, and many cranberry growers are using far more high-tech methods.

But plenty of folks are not using those high-tech methods. The St. Jacques brothers are selling equipment to small growers here in the U.S., Poland, Holland and Germany.

Founder Emile St. Jacques, along with his son Robert (David and Raymond’s father), expanded the family business with new inventions and modifications of equipment, including the Hayden Cellophane Packer and Sealer Machine, which was used to weigh and seal cranberry bags for the market, as well as duster machines for the cranberries, and a DDT version for both corn and strawberries (the now forbidden pesticide was widely used in the U.S. until 1972).

The Hayden Lift Pump came to market in the 1930s, which was used to flood cranberry bogs in winter months to protect them from freezing. The pump, which can move between 2,000 and 20,000 gallons per minute, depending on size, is still used today by growers.

Then in the 1950s, the family business once again brought a time-saving device for cranberry growers to market, with the Darlington Cranberry Harvester, which is named after Robert St. Jacques’ good friend and college roommate, Tom Darlington of New Jersey.

“We are the sole manufacturer of this machine,” said David St. Jacques, adding that they modified the harvester in the late 90s to adjust to bigger crops, “and we still make them to this day for sale or rent.”

Since 2005, the St. Jacques brothers have been buying and selling cranberry-related antiques, as well.

“Recently we have been repurposing the old wooden crates and transforming them into unique one-of-a-kind pieces such as rustic wine racks, primitive spice racks, old Cape Cod-style cabinets and knick knack/treasure shelves,” said David St. Jacques.

“You can make something new from things of the past,” said Raymond St. Jacques. “That’s the beauty of it.”

Butterfly Wall Decor

To find out more about the Hayden Separator Antique Shop, check out the site at 50 Carver Road or online at www.cranberryantiques.com and facebook.com/hayden1892.

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