The Fractal Design ION+ 660P is dead silent, fully modular and has good overall performance, but it could have better efficiency.

The Fractal Design Ion+ 660P achieves good performance and dead silent operation. Its low noise output under all conditions is among its significant advantages over the popular Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum. The latter performs better, but it has 25.35 dB(A) overall noise output, while the Ion+ 660P stays much lower at 13.74 dB(A). With a street price of $109.99 (£104.99 in the UK), the Ion+ 660P is about the same price as its main competitor and offers a quieter experience but a bit less performance.

We have already evaluated Fractal Design's 860W Ion+ model, which performed quite well and managed to keep its noise output low, even under harsh conditions (increased loads and operating temperatures). Next on our list is the 660 W model, which has enough capacity to power a strong single-GPU system. Like its big brother, the Ion+ 660P promises for good performance and dead silent operation. Lately, more and more users seek quiet components, and manufacturers have to comply if they want to remain in the game.

* Not certified yet by Cybenetics. According to our measurements the PSU falls into these efficiency and noise categories.

The cables are indeed highly flexible, as Fractal Design states and pretty long. Our only objection here is the small distance between the peripheral connectors, at 120mm. Normally it should be 150mm, at least, but most manufacturers try to restrict the cost by chopping down the distance between those connectors.

The 560W and 660W models come with a single EPS connector, while the other two members of the Ion+ line with 760W and 860W max power have a couple of these connectors.

We strongly encourage you to have a look at our PSUs 101 article, which provides valuable information about PSUs and their operation, allowing you to understand better the components we're about to discuss.

This is a well-built platform, provided by High Power. The design is clean, without any wires blocking the airflow. Moreover, the clearance between the parts is enough for the air to move freely among them and help in heat dissipation.

On the secondary side, a pair of small heat sinks assist in cooling down the +12V FETs, which are installed on the solder side of the PCB.

A great number of polymer caps is installed on the modular side of the PCB. Several quality electrolytic caps, installed on the main PCB, also handle ripple filtering.

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