C&K has added a smaller size to its range of vandal-resistant sealed switches for outdoor ATMs, ticket machines and security systems.

Called ATP16, the push-buttons fit through a 16mm diameter panel cut-out – and join earlier ATP19 (19mm) and ATP22 (22mm) types.

Construction is from a mix of stainless steel, aluminium alloy and the engineering plastics: PBT (polybutylene terephthalate, UL 94-A0), nylon 6/6, polycarbonate (UL 94-V2) and POM (polyoxymethylene, acetal) – the exact mix depends on the version.

The materials are the same as in ATP19 and ATP22, introduced earlier this year, but these have the IK10 protection rating which the ATP16 does not get, according to the data sheet.

Sealing is to IP67, operating temperature is across -20˚C to +70˚C, and mechanical operating life is 1,000,000 cycles for momentary versions and 100,000 cycles for locking versions – travel is 2.0mm and 2.3mm respectively, and operating force is 4.5±1.5N for either.

Electrically, ATP16 is rated to 2A 36Vdc with an operating life of 200,000 cycles at full load (momentary, 100,000 cycles locking).

Dielectric strength is 2,000Vrms (sea level) with 1,000MΩ minimum insulation resistance (500Vdc) and 50mΩ max (1A 12Vdc) initial contact resistance.

The LEDs in momentary types are externally controlled and can be red-green bi-colour or RGB tri-colour – RGB options come with an internal resistor – that has further options for 3, 6, 12 or 24V operation.

In locking types the LEDs are controlled by an internal contact – in all cases there is a green ‘on’ (switch circuit connected) LED, then ‘off’ can be indicated by a red LED or unlit.

They are aimed at “equipment and devices used in public spaces or remote locations that are often at high risk of theft or intentional damage”, according to the firm, suggesting access controls, intercom push-to-talk, vending machines and equipment in service stations as further potential applications.

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